About Belize

Belize River House LodgeBelize is in the northeast corner of Central America, and features include some of the mostbreathtaking scenery above and below water in the Caribbean. It borders Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea.

Although a small country with only about less than 300,000 people, Belize is culturally rich. Belize consists of many different ethnic groups, which co-exist peacefully including Creole, Garifuna, Mayan, Chinese, East Indian, European, Lebanese, Mennonite and Mestizo. While many languages are spoken, English is the official language. Belizeans welcome tourism and visitors are warmly greeted with large smiles.

Belize is one of the most diverse and interesting places to experience. So whether you are an eco-tourist, a diver, a naturalist, an adventurer, an angler or a beachcomber, Belize is the perfect destination!